School Visitor Management Systems


Our school visitor management systems are catered specifically ​to individual K-12 schools and school districts, and provide a secure means for school staff to match children with their parent or guardian when a child ​is signed out of school. Additional features include the ability to perform an on-site sex offender look-up from a nationally compiled sex offender database, create visitor badges, report student and staff activity, and deliver instant notifications to parents and guardians.

With a stronger emphasis on student safety in today’s society, visitor management systems for schools require more ​uniquely catered features than what is found in a typical visitor management solution for corporate offices and other organizations.

 Explore our K12 solutions to help extend the perimeter and add layers of protection to your campus.


  • Sex Offender Check

  • Able to ingest data from your student information system

  • Customizable Visitor Badges

  • Texts to Parents or Guardians when a student is signed out

  • Outdoor DL Scanner-to verify a visitor BEFORE you let them into the building.

  • Built-in Tardy Tracking

  • Events functionality for expedited check-in for large groups

  • Emergency and Evacuation Alerts

  • Biometric Staff Check-in

  • Biometric Student Attendance

  • Face Matching Watchlist Technology, with the addition of the Eyemetric Face Matching Appliance

Improved Visitor Experience

The visitor management systems implemented in our educational institutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of individual K-12 schools and school districts. These systems offer a secure method for school personnel to verify the identity of parents or guardians when a child is being signed out of school. Furthermore, they offer additional functionalities such as on-site sex offender screening through a nationally compiled database, the creation of visitor badges, the generation of reports on student and staff activity, and the prompt delivery of notifications to parents and guardians.

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