Biometric Identity Management System

Manage your client population and increase revenue with accurate automated reporting.
Administer services to your client population, quickly and easily, using biometrics.

The BIMS platform allows accurate reporting to state agencies, helping to ensure that you are fully reimbursed for services rendered.

Easy Biometric enrollment simplified to meet the specific needs of your service organization.


Let Eyemetric show how you can easily enroll your client population into the biometric platform using only a webcam. Use the same webcam to accurately identify and recall the record for an individual client. The user dashboard can be customized to show and record services rendered to your client at the time. That helps to create operational efficiencies that can save your staff time, and help you process more clients in a shorter timeframe. Reporting is customizable and simple, and can be automatically imported into most state platforms to help shorten your reimbursement cycle and eliminate human error, adding revenue to your bottom line.


Use Biometrics for populations who historically do not have traditional ID documents.
Call up the record of a client, instantly and
Customizable dropdown menu, for easy selection of services rendered.
Easy biometric template
creation and
Automated Duplicate Biometric Detection.
Automated custom connections to state platforms for easy and accurate reporting.
Easily configured and customized to meet your organization’s workflow needs.

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