Visitor Management Built Exclusively for Correctional Facilities and Jails.

In the high-stakes world of corrections, security is paramount. Eyemetric’s visitor management system offers an unprecedented level of security by accurately identifying individuals, ensuring that only authorized personnel gain access to sensitive areas, and preventing unauthorized entry.


Managing inmate populations is a complex task. Our facial recognition system simplifies the inmate check-in process, reducing errors and expediting procedures such as meal distribution, medication administration, and court appearances. This means fewer administrative hassles for your staff and more efficient operations.


  • Inmate/Visitor Tracking

  • Able to ingest data from your student information system

  • Customizable Visitor Badges

  • Biometric Frequent Visitor Kiosk Check-in Mode

  • Biometric Sally Port Mode

  • Robust Reporting

  • Face Matching Watchlist Technology, with the addition of the Eyemetric Face Matching Appliance.

Compliance & Accountability

Ensure compliance with regulations and maintain a higher level of accountability. With facial recognition, you can accurately track inmate movements and verify staff identities, helping to prevent unauthorized access and misconduct within your facility.

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