Protect Your Organization With Eyemetric Identity Systems



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Enhance Your Existing Security Platform


Using your existing security cameras to constantly scan parking lots, garages, building exteriors or entrances to your building  or unwanted visitors, will allow you to immediately identify a potential security threat and alert building security to intervene and quickly implement building lockdown procedures, if necessary.

The threat is intercepted before he she even enters the building.


Why add Facial Recognition?


Facial recognition allows us to expand our abilities to quickly and effectively screen for unwanted visitors. Every second counts when it comes to notifying law enforcement agencies. Varying levels of threat can be designated and each level would elicit a different type of response. For instance, if a person had threatened harm to the building or an individual, or a banned individual was trying to make his way back on the premises, a text could go directly to a team of security or administrative personnel who could have a predetermined protocol for responding to that level of threat.  If someone was barred from the premises for being argumentative or perhaps was just terminated, he or she could be assigned a threat level that would correspond to a different level of response. The texts are immediate and can contain information regarding who was matched and which camera made the recognition or identify the area of the building where he or she was spotted, to help direct the security team to an exact location.