The use of biometric technology deployed responsibly throughout a hospital can improve the safety of its patients, guests and employees while simultaneously improving the quality of services.


TPASS VMS with Facial Recognition Watch List enhances the security of your environment by applying artificial intelligence constantly scanning live video feeds for Known Unwanted Visitors within your facilities.  Text and email alerts are automatically sent to a group of recipients when a match is made.  We can also interface with existing systems within your environment to enhance security.

Hospitals are reflective of their communities and issues within the community can spill over into the hospital. Hospitals are also highly emotional areas, especially within the ER, Intensive Care, and Maternity Wards, and as such situations on their own can escalate quickly.  Eyemetric can help control the environment and alleviate these issues by screening personnel while only allowing authorized individuals to enter these areas.

Protect Patients and Staff

Eyemetric’s intuitive, user-friendly Version of our Visitor Management platform, is designed for the Healthcare/Medical Sector. TPASS Medical helps Extend the perimeter and add layers of protection to your Hospital or Clinic’s overall security plan.


  • Patient/Visitor Tracking

  • Able to ingest data from your EMR via a custom HL7 interface; including patient appointments

  • Customizable Visitor Badges

  • Texts and Emails to Employees letting them know their guest has arrived

  • Emergency and Evacuation Alerts

  • Robust Reporting

  • Optional Sex Offender Check at no extra charge

  • Optional Health Screening

  • Face Matching Watchlist Technology, with the addition of the Eyemetric Face Matching Appliance.

When you consider everything that is at risk on a daily basis securing a hospital poses one of the greatest security challenges in the industry. A team of security professionals cannot remember the names and faces of every person placed on the hospital’s Security Department‘s Watch List. This Watch List can include unwanted family members, criminals, trespassers and terminated employees.


By implementing a web-based biometric identity management system and adding our artificial intelligence engine as an additional security layer to your existing video management system we help secure your organization, public agencies, and clinics.

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