Face Matching Watchlist Appliance

Seamlessly integrate the appliance into your existing security infrastructure. Whether it’s for airport security, border control, law enforcement, or corporate access control, our solution can be scaled to meet your organization’s specific requirements.

Say goodbye to manual checks and human errors. Our appliance significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access, fraud, and identity theft, providing peace of mind for both your organization and those you serve.

Add a layer of AI-Powered Face Matching to our visitor management platforms, to help enforce a BOLO/Ban on any unwanted visitors.
Automated Alerts sent to security personnel, upon a face match.
Easy biometric template creation and enrollment.
Create a profile and biometric template for someone who has never visited the building or campus.
Automated Duplicate Biometric Detection.
Only screen against your known BOLO/banned or watchlist.
Extend your secured perimeter with the use of your existing cameras.
Available investigative tools to look for known subjects involved in an incident.
Mobile platform available.

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