TPASS Corporate

Know who is visiting your offices and buildings. Retain digital visit logs for easy access during a compliance audit.

Protect your Employees, Assets, and Sensitive Information


  • Customizable Visitor Badges

  • Able to ingest data from your HR system via a custom interface

  • Scheduled Visits Feature

  • Texts and Emails to Employees letting them know their guest has arrived

  • Emergency and Evacuation Alerts

  • Biometric Staff/Frequent Visitor Kiosk Check-in Mode

  • Robust Reporting

  • Face Matching Watchlist Technology, with the addition of the Eyemetric Face Matching Appliance.

Intuitive Interface


TPASS© was designed to be easily navigated by the user and developed through input from our customers. Because of the modular design of the application, it may be customized to fit the specific needs of any organization. TPASS© offers a variety of scanners to capture the information provided by passports, state-issued IDs, or employee badges.


Alert Notifications


TPASS© provides the ability to send alerts to emergency personnel simply and expediently. Emergency alerts may be created for various situations with the ability to send to specified lists of recipients via SMS or email. An evacuation list may be emailed to individuals within your organization or your community.

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