TPASS K12 -Visitor Management System

The History of TPASS

Eyemetric’s co-founders begun working with technology to improve School Safety back in 2003 as a result of being awarded a grant from the National Institute of Justice to study, “Technology to Improve School Safety”.

While doing research for the grant application the following headline appeared on a local newspaper. The story behind this headline was an attempt by the child’s Aunt to sign her nephew out of school because his father was not allowed to see his son due to a restraining order placed on him. When we reached out to the principals within the school district we were writing the grant for, they all agreed keeping track of who can sign a child out of picsschool on any given day was a challenge. To address this issue Eyemetric successfully implemented the nation’s first iris recognition-based identity system in a public school setting.
We positively identified a parent, who pre-registered, using iris recognition when they came to sign their child out of school.

Although we currently support the use of biometric identification, it is typically not part of our standard installation for visitors to a K12 school. Biometrics are however being used for staff Sign In / Out tracking.
The lessoned learned from the grant led to the development of a software application we named TPASS (Teacher Parent Authorization Security System). The TPASS application was initially designed as a Client-Server based application and released in 2006. Over the next five years we kept enhancing TPASS by listening to the recommendations of school secretaries, principals, administrators and local law enforcement (School Resource Officers). In 2010 we began the development of TPASS’ current web-based version which was released in September 2013.

Over the years TPASS has grown from a simple visitor management system that enrolls and prints out a visitor pass to an enterprise level system which has become an integral security tool for the school districts where it is installed. In addition to the completing a visitor enrollment in three easy steps, TPASS has automated the functions to create a Missing Child Poster or Wanted Poster for law enforcement, automatic alerts via text message and emails to school administrators should a banded visitor show up at a school, the creation and distribution of Emergency Evacuation Reports at the click of a mouse, automatic text message alerts to a parent any time someone signs their child out of school, just to name a few.

We can proudly say TPASS was developed from its inception to meet the unique security and child custodial challenges a school faces every day. TPASS is the most advanced and complete security-based visitor management system on the market today, yet it provides system users with a simple and easy to navigate user interface. Other visitor management systems for schools put a tremendous emphasis on Sex Offender Screening.

TPASS has been screening all school visitors against a nationally complied sex offender database since it was first released in 2006. However our customers have always said this has served as a wonderful deterrent, with very few sex offenders ever stepping into a school building. TPASS goes far beyond just screening visitors and printing out badges. We were the first ones to provide text messaging to parents anytime their child was signed out of school. Thank you for your time and consideration.




Ray Bolling
Eyemetric Identity Systems, LLC