Des Moines Public Schools-

We rolled out TPASS K12 with just visitor management initially, at 72 campuses district wide. This installation included a custom connection to their student information system which is Infinite Campus. In fact, they recently caught a major sex offender, who is a parent, trying to slip through our doors at an elementary school. This parent is on the wanted list in Illinois for not updating his information. We consider that discovery a huge success in keeping students safe. This fall (2017), we implemented the student attendance piece of TPASS K12. We have been working very closely with their Infinite Campus Coordinator and things are going quite smoothly.

The Eyemetric team has been great about listening to our end users on how they would like to see the system work. We were initially concerned because Eyemetric had never integrated with Infinite Campus, which does not have a reputation of integrating well with other software. In the end, the integration between TPASS K12 and Infinite Campus has been very good.

Pamela Rosa, CIH Safety Compliance Specialist Des Moines Public Schools

Link to News Story on Des Moines Public Schools Visitor Management Implementation:

Department of Human Services, Bergen County New Jersey

Eyemetric developed a web-based system for Bergen County’s Homeless, Health and Wellness Center located in Hackensack, New Jersey. The center requested a system that would positively identify their clients using a single fingerprint scanner which integrated with their existing Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) and provided the ability to generate reports that included an unduplicated count of the services provided to one individual for a variety of the center’s programs.​

Passaic County Board Of Social Services (PCBSS).

Eyemetric developed a web-based solution for the PCBSS using iris and facial recognition to positively identify clients applying for a replacement Food Stamp Card that was either lost or stolen. The system uses the IrisID TD100 handheld iris camera to capture the iris images for biometric enrollment and matching. The BIMS solution cut the amount of time required to process a client down to 15 minutes from over an hour previously.​

State of New Jersey – Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency.

Eyemetric deployed our web-based Biometric Identity Management System (BIMS) for the New Jersey Homeless Management Information System (HMIS). The application was configured to act as a Front-end to the State’s HMIS system. The initial deployment of the BIMS system will be focusing on two areas of program management; an overnight emergency shelters and local food banks. The web-based system utilizes fingerprint and facial recognition to positively identify the clients when services are rendered. The BIMS system also includes a bi-directional interface with the HMIS system for the seamless exchange data when a new client is enrolled in HMIS and then the services recorded in the BIMS systems are sent back to the client’s case file inside of the HMIS system.​

State of New Jersey Employee ID Card System.

Eyemetric deployed our Cards OnLine application, a web-based ID card production and management system, for all New Jersey State employees. There are 49 ID card production workstations & ID card printers installed for all state departments and agencies across the state. The system manages over 50 thousand employee ID cards and is interfaced with the state’s Personnel Management Information System. This includes ID cards issued for all Business Essential First Responders. Eyemetric designed the 2D barcode on the front of the ID cards to confirm with the AAMVA standards allowing them to be scanned and read using a Driver’s License Scanner found inside of a police car.

ABK Tracking for Evansville County Indiana.

Eyemetric developed a custom web-based solution for ABK Tracking using the BIMS platform. The application uses fingerprint technology to positively identify clients when they arrive at ABK’s office. The people showing up are required to take daily breathalyzer tests or a drug screening test. The system also allows ABK to create and manage a random drug screening schedule for each person. All appointments and test results are exported into a CSV file format and sent back to the county courts case management. Future plans include implementing a bi-direction interface between the court’s case management system and BIMS.

State of New Jersey Department of Health – Medical Marijuana ID Card System.

Eyemetric deployed our Cards OnLine application, a web-based ID card production and management system, for the New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program. At the Department of Health’s request Patient, Caregiver and Dispensary Personnel data is manually imported into the ID card database. Eyemetric designed ID cards with two important features. On the back of the ID card there are two 2D barcodes printed on the card. One of the barcodes conform with the AAMVA standards allowing them to be scanned and read using a Driver’s License Scanner found inside of a police car. The second barcode is for security purposes to prevent counterfeit cards. This barcode contains encrypted data using a 256 bit encryption algorithm. The only time the data within this barcode can be read is if it is scanned by the Cards Online application. Once the card is scanned the card holders profile will appear on the screen.