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Eyemetric Identity Systems has over a decade of expertise in developing soltutions to meet the specific needs of your organization and the clients you serve.


TPASS Visitor Management System

TPASS, the most advanced visitor management system on the market today, provides users a simple and easy to navigate interface. TPASS has grown from a simple visitor management system to an enterprise level security tool for school districts, corporations and government agencies. With functions to create a Missing Child or Wanted Poster for law enforcement, automatic alerts via text message and emails to key personnel, the creation and distribution of Emergency Evacuation Reports in a single click and automatic text message alerts to parents, TPASS provides a complete security-based visitor management system.


Biometric Identity Management Solutions

Our biometric platform BIMS (Biometric Identity Management System) is a 100% web-based platform supporting

fingerprint, face and iris recognition engines. BIMS was designed to “Biometric Enable” our clients’ existing case management systems. BIMS is a front-end platform configured to positively identify an individual and quickly record any required data. Our platform supports bi-directional data exchanges between the clients existing systems and BIMS through the use of a secure web service interface. This interface allows for the simple exchange of data and services to flow between the applications.


Time & Attendance

Our developers have created software applications with integrated biometric features for tracking the time and attendance of employees and students. Through the incorporation of biometrics, the ability to enter fradulant time and attendance records becomes obsolete. By using our sign in modules in

conjunction with our TPASS Visitor Management Systems, such records may be accessed at any time and made available in a variety of formats for issuing reports and audits.


ID Card & Credentialing Solutions


Electronic Forms


Custom Software Development