Eyemetric Identity Systems TPASS K12 with Sex Offender Look Up.

Our technology and your commitment, helping to make a safer campus.

Eyemetric’s co-founders began working to improve school safety through technology back in 2003 as the result of being awarded a grant from the National Institute of Justice. Eyemetric successfully implemented the nation’s first iris recognition-based identity system in a public school setting. The lessons learned from this collaboration led to the development of a software application called TPASS (Teacher Parent Authentication Security System).
The TPASS application was initially designed and subsequently modified into its latest web-based version in an effort to better manage and answer the key questions sought by the grant:

How can school administrators, teachers, staff, and parents make their school safe for adults and children alike?

How do you allow parents and other authorized individuals into the building while keeping unauthorized individuals out without monopolizing the valuable time of staff to check identities and permissions?

How do you know a person entering school buildings is who she or he claim to be? And how do schools resolve these issues without invading someone’s privacy?

The TPASS VMS application was created to provide a secure means for school staff to match children with their parent or guardian when a child was signed out of school. In addition, TPASS includes the ability to perform an on-site sex offender look up from a nationally compiled sex offender database, create visitor badges, report student and staff activity and deliver instant notifications to parents and guardians.

Individual needs, catered solutions

We design our application to fit your school’s specifications
TPASS K12 is:
Affordable, out-of-the box solution
Easily scalable from a single campus to a networked district-wide solution
Highly configurable to accommodate most any need
Optional integration with your existing Student information system

Product Features

  • Text Message Notification to Parent(s) and Guardian(s) when the Child is signed out of school
  • Designed for individual School or School Districts
  • Screens against a Nationally-Compiled Sex Offender Database
  • Creates a digital record (including Photograph) of all School Visitors
  • Ability to “Red Flag” Visitors who are no longer permitted on School Grounds
  • Tracks the Custodial rights of Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Authorized to Sign a Child out of School
  • Visitor Badge includes photos of Visitor and Person they are Visiting
  • Creation of missing Child Poster and Wanted Poster to send to Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Interface provided for Existing ID Card and Student Management Systems
  • Tracks the Custodial rights of Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Authorized to Sign a Child out of School
  • Visitor Badge includes photos of Visitor and Person they are Visiting
  • Creation of missing Child Poster and Wanted Poster to send to Law Enforcement Agencies

Visitor Badge Label Printer
Web Camera
Driver’s License Scanner

Live demonstrations are available. Contact us for more information on how we may help your school further ensure the safety of students and faculty.

Mobile Device Friendly Interface – TPASS K12 Mobile Solution is the latest product released by Eyemetric’s development team. The K12 Mobile application was designed to act as an extension of the web-based TPASS K12 system for issuing Student Tardies, Student Check-In, Behavior Tracking (Positive & Negative Actions) and the viewing of a Student’s Profile including Emergency Contacts along with Custody Rights for who is authorized to sign a child out of school. In addition, it will also display all current visitors and completed visits to the schools. The initial release currently supports the Android operating system version 4.4.4 and higher with support for Apple iOS scheduled for release in January 2018.


TPASS K12 also works well on the Microsoft Windows Surface Tablets and other Windows based tablets.

All transactions performed on the TPASS K12 Mobile app will be written back to the central TPASS K12 SQL database in real time and available for review, reporting and uploading back into Infinite Campus.

Touch Screen Friendly – The main Dashboard screen used by system operators to sign visitors in and out of school was designed with a clean and easy to navigate user interface that works very well on a touch screen based computer. Please notice there are no drop-down menus used for navigating through the TPASS app. All navigation is done down the left side of the screen or across the top.


In addition, the TPASS K12 application includes a self-check in kiosk for visitors who have been previously vetted by an office manager or administrator. This allows a visitor to self-check in after they have passed the sex offender check as well as allowed staff to review any restrictions on visitors imported from your student information system. On the advice of many law enforcement officers and our own views on school security, we do not recommend utilizing a kiosk for visitor self-enrollment. We do, however, understand the toll on office staff and have developed a kiosk function which allows previously vetted and enrolled visitors (whether parents or vendors), volunteers and staff to sign in using a unique PIN code, ID card or key fob. The following screen shots show two variations of how TPASS K12 can configured for the touch screen kiosk modes support by TPASS K12.