The World Health Organization has identified Biometric Patient Identification to be an area with one of the most urgent needs for improvement in the healthcare industry. Incorrect patient identification can lead to many problems for a healthcare service provider.  There can be billing issues, incorrect procedures performed and inefficiency in the form of double testing.  All of these problems will cost your organization money as well as potentially exposing you to unnecessary liability, resulting in costly lawsuits and rising insurance premiums.

Eyemetric Identity Solutions’ Biometric Identity Management Solution or BIMS can help reduce the costly mistakes associated with misidentifying patients within your healthcare organization.

Eyemetrics’ BIMS solution can help in many different ways:

  • Establish Verifiable Identity
  • Expedite Registration Process
  • Reduce Data Input Errors
  • Eliminate Duplicate Patient Records


BIMS can use one of many types of biometric identifiers to match a patient to the correct medical records, therefore insuring the correct information is displayed to the provider.

  1. Fingerprint Technology- Very accurate but sometimes not available due to genetic or environmental reasons. Technology is very affordable.
  2. Facial Recognition-Considered extremely accurate; Non-intrusive and less expensive technology needed. (as compared to IRIS)
  3. IRIS-Considered one of the absolute most accurate methods of identification. Slightly more intrusive than facial recognition, and the hardware devices can be higher priced than other forms.

Eyemetric can design a system that works for your needs using any of the above listed methods.

Contact us today to discuss your particular needs and challenges.

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