Advanced Functionality

Product Features:

  • 100% Web-based Visitor & Identity Management System
  • Easily Scalable: From One Single Campus in One Location to Multiple Campuses on A World-Wide Basis
  • Creates a Digital Record, including Photograph & Saved Image of the ID provided
  • Ability to “Red Flag” Visitors who Require Escorts or are No Longer Permitted on the Premises
  • Ability to Produce a Customizable Temporary Employee Badge for Forgotten or Lost Employee ID Card
  • Pre-Registration of Scheduled Individual Visits & New Special Events Tab for Easy Registration and Check in of Large Groups; Including Automated Message When Pre-Registered Visitor Has Arrived
  • Ability to Send Emergency Alerts via SMS and Email, as Well as Email Evacuation List to Key Personnel
  • Quick Creation of a Wanted or Missing Poster to Send to Internal Security or Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Ability to Scan Passports, Driver’s Licenses and Other Forms of State Issued IDs as Well as Employee Badges
  • Ability to Integrate with Most Access Control Systems

TPASS Visitor Management System

Where security and identity management become one.

Intuitive Interface

TPASS was designed to be easily navigated by the user and developed through input from our customers. Because of the architectural design of the application, it may be customized to fit the specific needs of any organization. TPASS offers a variety of scanners to capture the information provided by passports, state issued IDs or employee badges.

Alert Notifications

TPASS provides the ability to send alerts to emergency personnel simply and expediently. Emergency alerts may be created for various situations with the ability to send to specified lists of recipients via SMS or email. An evacuation list may be emailed to individuals within your organization or your community.

Background Checks/No-Fly Lists

TPASS can search criminal records for all visitors during or previous to enrollment. This Includes a felony list as well as a No-Fly List as options. TPASS also offers administrators the ability to import watch lists and view all current, past or upcoming visits.

Optional Biometric Enrollment

TPASS is designed to support fingerprint, iris and face recognition technologies.

Scheduled Visits


Evacuation Lists




Bio metric Options